Kristina Perry – Texans Liberty Tailgaters
Anthony Chevalier – Owner of A Taste of Catering
Fred Olson – Formerly Mac Hudson of “The Hudson & Harrigan Show”

What a blessing it is to back with you today, as we all strive to learn more about that great American pastime – outdoor grilling!  Because let’s face it, no one invites friends over to the house to microwave.  You know, people up north – and by “up north” I don’t mean Dallas – people up north, like Ohio and and New York are packing away their grills in the attic for the winter, but down here in God’s Country – Texas, that is – some people are more likely to grill as the weather gets cooler, because frankly – the charcoal grate doesn’t have icicles on it.  Once we get into October – which is only a couple of weeks away – once we get into October, our weather down here in this part of the country is absolutely perfect for outdoor grilling.  In fact, I grill outdoors year round, don’t you?

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