Phillip Sitter – Owner of King’s Biergarten
Susan Ebert – Author of Field to Table Cookbook
Jerrod Poffenberger – Owner of Bellville Meat Market

Well, I’m happy to be back with you on the radio once again – sharing good times and great recipes for all kinds of different outdoor grilling and sometimes, indoor cooking to go along with whatever you’ve broiled over an open flame in the backyard. Last week’s show inspired some messages about Oktoberfest, and a couple of other subjects of interest, so what say we open up the email bag and see what you guys think of The Outdoor Cooking Show. But before we actually do that, let’s remind you of the best way to reach us. The Outdoor Cooking Show is a production of my family-owned and operated multi media business based in Sugar Land – Edgewater Studios, conveniently located on Edgewater Drive in the heart of First Colony and in Missouri City on Murphy Road. Yes, we have two locations, with very different functions – one for music production and the other for our media projects. You can see some great examples of our work on our websites: or, or you can keep up with what’s going on in our business by following us on our Facebook Page, which is simply titled: “Edgewater.” We like to post things of interest concerning music and media and the people who create music and media – like The Outdoor Cooking Show, which has a Facebook Page all its own. That’s really the best way to contact us – through a private message on The Outdoor Cooking Show’s Facebook Page. I know, long explanation for a short answer, but I had to take the opportunity to talk about our family business for a minute.

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