Daniel Vaughn – BBQ Editor for Texas Monthly
Claire Brandani – Owner of Brandani’s Restaurant
Alfred Froberg – Owner of Froberg’s Farm

It’s a great day to fire up the old backyard grill! Of course, at my house – my wife thinks every day is a great day to fire up the old backyard grill – mostly because that means one less thing she has to cook. Ron Brandani of Brandani’s Restaurant and Wine Bar in Missouri City gave me a whole new outlook on burgers when he described his “Cold Smoked Burger” for us on the show, several weeks ago. I’ll admit I haven’t gone to the trouble to prepare the patties the way Ron does in his outstanding restaurant, but he did inspire me to make the extra effort to build my own burger patties from scratch. Speaking of chefs who have graced our show with their knowledge and their recipes – hats off (chef’s hats, of course) – hats off to Danny Trace of Brennan’s, who was just named “Chef of the Year” at the 2016 Houston Culinary Awards Banquet. Houston is recognized nationally as one of the best restaurant cities in America. And while the food fare in Houston is widely respected and wildly varied, there can be no doubt we lean heavily on regional favorites like Gulf Coast seafood, Mexican cuisine and of course – BBQ! And while stuffy East Coast and West Coast foodies might sniff indignantly at BBQ – the rest of the world does not necessarily agree. Not at all!

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