Ti Martin – Daughter of Ella Brennan, who founded “Brennan’s of Houston”
Jake Johnson – 12-year old founder of “Jake’s Atomic Salsa”
Barbara Bronstein – Spokesperson for “Second Servings” food rescue charity

Am I the only who’s really, reallyreally happy that Election Day is finally over?  (Don’t answer that!)  Years ago, we all got tired of the political campaign commercials on radio and TV, and that was the main reason we were glad when Election Day was finally over – no more political ads, but these days, the flashpoint has become social media, hasn’t it?  We’ve got some great guests lined up for The Outdoor Cooking Show today, and not a single one of them will so much as mention politics.  Instead, we’re going to focus on feeding folks, and we have three cool guests with totally unique motives and perspectives for feeding folks.

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