Alfred Froberg – Owner of Froberg’s Farm
Collie Moye – Retired Professional Chef
Melinda Davenport – Native Houstonian, Milwaukee TV Personality

Throw another bag of charcoal on the grill Mother, and let’s torch another hunk of meat, shall we?  I have to admit, hosting The Outdoor Cooking Show is one of the highlights of my week, and that’s not just because I’ve spent my entire adult life being on the radio.  This show is “Continuing Education” on steroids for me, and I hope you learn a thing or two, along the way too.  It seems like every show gives me a new trick to try, or some new insight into how to prep the food I’m about to grill, or just general “how to” stuff that I’ve never even thought about before – and all of it helps me become a better outdoor griller…and that makes my family very happy.  They’ve already told me how much better my burgers and ribs are, and they’re starting to request that I apply many of those tricks and techniques to other dishes they especially love like chicken and seafood and steaks.  I made the mistake of just saying the word “steak” a few days ago, and my daughter-in-law Danielle said, “We haven’t had steaks in a long time, Pop!  When are you gonna grill some steaks?”  So, if you’re the chief chef in charge of the backyard grill, let me offer a little advice: Don’t mention any cut of meat you don’t personally want to eat, because it will come back to…haunt you – I almost said “bite you,” but that would have been a tragically awful play on words for The Outdoor Cooking Show.  (Totally unintentional play on words, but still highly regrettable and personally embarrassing, nonetheless.)