Chris Goodlander – Owner of Lone Star Grillz
John Shelton – CFO of Edgewater Studios & backyard chef
Fred Olson – Formerly Mac Hudson of “The Hudson & Harrigan Show”

It’s time to turn our attention, or I guess my attention to the topic of conversation on The Outdoor Cooking Show for this weekend: steak, because June is National Steakhouse Month. My first memories of a steakhouse were a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant located in the Fort Worth Stockyards called Theo’s Saddle and Sirloin. Theo was Theo Yardanoff – a little ol’ man who spoke very little English, but cooked one of the most mouth-watering filet minions I’d ever eaten (and it was reasonably priced, I might add). I grew up in Fort Worth, and my mom and dad loved to eat there. Dad repeatedly tried to get Mr. Yardanoff to tell him the recipe for those filets, but to the best of my knowledge the old man never gave it up.

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