Bear Dalton – Fine Wine Buyer for Spec’s Wines Spirits and Finer Foods
Fred Olson – Formerly Mac Hudson of “The Hudson & Harrigan Show”

We ate dinner at the iconic Houston restaurant Irma’s. You know, the original location is just a few blocks away from Minute Maid Park, and if you eat there they’ll let you park there during a show or ballgame at the stadium. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not why we ate there. We ate there because the food is so good, but the free parking is a nice bonus, and we also tried something new while we were there. Not that it’s new to Irma’s – it was just new to us…we’d never tried it before. We asked for lemonade, but instead Irma hand-delivered a red drink in a tall, iced glass, and at first my wife thought we might be getting something with alcohol in it, but no it was watermelon-flavored lemonade, so I dubbed it “Melonade” (and I don’t know if they call it that or not, because they don’t have a menu at Irma’s). And that brings us around to the topic of conversation on today’s edition of The Outdoor Cooking Show – “Cold Drinks For Hot Weather.” After all, even the perfect meal needs a good beverage to pair with it, right?

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