Jack Acree – Executive Vice Presdient of Saffron Road Foods
Fred Olson – Formerly Mac Hudson of “The Hudson & Harrigan Show”

Wow – what a week! When I was a kid we used to say, “That was the week that was” at the end of the week, because that was the name of a satire type television comedy on NBC back in the mid-60s. That Was The Week That Was – or, TW3 for short. See, we were doing that stuff long before the kids came up with OMG or LOL. “That Was The Week That Was,” but now it’s time for the weekend, and The Outdoor Cooking Show, so we’re going to celebrate – not just the Astros, and not just the cave rescue, but we’re going to celebrate the month, because July is National Culinary Month, so what could be more perfect for The Outdoor Cooking Show?

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