Dave Fremont – Marketing Director at Boyd’s One Stop
Lawrence Kirkland – Chef at The Oceanaire Seafood Room
Fred Olson – Formerly Mac Hudson of “The Hudson & Harrigan Show”

Happy Birthday to me!  Yes, yesterday was my birthday, as a matter of fact, and the first person who can guess how old I turned will win a six-pack of absolutely nothing!  A-A-R-P – I gonna up and join the A-A-R-P!  Okay, apologies to the Village People – and you, for subjecting you to that…whatever you wanna call it.  I guess I can’t claim to be retired so long as I’m still hosting The Outdoor Cooking Show, can I?  Well, I always told my family, “I have no desire to retire,” so here we go again with another episode of the show that burns a hole in the radio every weekend, and hopefully – it inspires you to fire up the old backyard grill.  And that’s what we’re gonna try to do with seafood today.

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