Benet Guytos – Head Cook of three BBQ Competitive Cooking Teams
Fred Olson – Formerly Mac Hudson of “The Hudson & Harrigan Show”

I’m sure many of you will recall a few weeks ago when I talked about being a grandparent who couldn’t hug his grandson, and you might even remember me saying, “We are not okay!” By that, of course, I meant – my wife and I are not okay with having to maintain social distance from our beloved grandson Liam. And in the same breath I want to make it clear we are not okay with being unable to hug our kids either – Derek, Danielle and Schuyler, but if I’m being perfectly frank (and I don’t even know anybody named Frank) – if I’m being perfectly candid, it’s mostly about hugging Liam. I remember wrapping up that segment by saying something like, “…and until that glorious day returns…” meaning that day when we could hug our grandson – well, that day has finally arrived…and not a moment too soon I might add.