Sam Hickey – Owner of Creekstone Outdoor Living
Meli Gomez – Resident Chef at Sur La Table
Rick Alspaugh – Owner of Alspaugh’s Ace Hardware

Well, Merry Christmas to all of you who keep the home fires burnin’ – and you know I mean the backyard grill!  Stand back, because Good Lookin’ is cookin’!  We finally have Thanksgiving in our rearview mirror, so that means we’ve also survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and Christmas shopping is in full swing.  If there’s one thing we don’t have any shortage of here on The Outdoor Cooking Show, it’s friends and advertisers and sponsors who know what you need to be a success at burning a cow!  So, we’re going to tap into some that knowledge with experts who can “steer” you toward a gift-giving idea you probably haven’t even thought of, and who knows – your gift might surprise and delight that outdoor cook so much that they invite you over to taste-test the results.  This is what we call a win/win proposition.  Relieve your stress over what to give your “Backyard Bourdain” for Christmas, and get a free meal in return!  You’re welcome!

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