Amber Keyser– Owner of Black Door Dinner Society
Scott Smith – Owner of Red Sage Catering
Bear Dalton – Fine Wine Buyer for Spec’s

Tis the season to spread sickness – Fa la la la, la la cough cough!  Sorry, but I’ve been battling allergies, or a cold, or sinus infection, or some such thing – and I seem to have successfully spread this deadly pestilence throughout the female side of my family.  All of this is to say, if my voice sounds a little raspier than usual, you’ll know why, but I’ve been on the radio for over half a century, so I learned how to “power through” these kinds of things a long time ago.  So, let’s talk Christmas Parties today – not just the workplace kind of Christmas Party where the office clown wears a lampshade on his head, but the more genteel in-home kind of Christmas Party where you can control the goings on a little better…except for your crazy uncle who sits on the end of the couch, drinking egg nog and mumbling to himself.

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