Greg Berlocher – Executive Producer of The Outdoor Cooking Show
Nick Castleberg – Outdoor Chef at George Ranch
Fred Olson – Formerly Mac Hudson of “The Hudson & Harrigan Show”

Have you got all your Christmas shopping done yet?  Isn’t that just the most irritating, pretentious question anyone can ask this time of year?  It’s still a week until Christmas, and the people who ask that question are almost always those disgusting, holier-than-thou people who have already finished all their Christmas shopping, and they only ask “Have you got all your Christmas shopping done yet?” because they want to feel smug and superior to everyone else.  But I hope The Outdoor Cooking Show about Christmas gifts for the backyard chef at least helped you little bit.  So, let’s talk about cooking for Christmas.  Don’t worry.  I don’t have another one of those heart-tugging Christmas Dinner stories to match the one I told you about Thanksgiving Dinner at my Grandma’s house.  (If you missed it, you can hear it in the podcast section of our website, you know.)  To be honest, my memories of Christmas are centered on the gifts I got, not the food we ate.

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