Jimmy Graves – Owner of Tye Dye Chef Catering
Fred Olson – Formerly Mac Hudson of “The Hudson & Harrigan Show”

We received a really nice note this past week from Tony Thomas, owner of The Grill Guys, and he complimented us on the fact that this show is about more than just outdoor cooking. In Tony’s words – and I’m quoting directly from his note here, “I am an unapologetic Texan, born and raised (me too, Tony!) and to me your show is as much about Texas as it is about grilling, or fishing, or hunting, or tailgating or even politics.” You know Tony, you couldn’t have paid us a bigger compliment! We have always taken great pride in being more than the single subject show that we’ve all grown accustomed to hearing on talk radio stations on the weekends. We talk about all the things Tony mentioned, and a whole lot more – like sports and pop culture and even the weather, because let’s face it – the weather can seriously impact our enjoyment of outdoor cooking, right?