Barbra Bronstein – Founder of Second Servings
Kip Johnston – First Methodist Church of Sugar Land

Welcome into another edition of the show that asks the question, “If I have to open a box and add water, does that make it homemade?” What do I know? Heck, I’m such a lousy cook, I can’t even boil toast, you know? As a matter of fact, I’ve repeatedly admitted that I’m not an expert cook, but I’ve also stated that I think that makes me the perfect host for The Outdoor Cooking Show, because I’m not afraid to ask the stupid questions that all the rest of you are too embarrassed to admit you don’t the answers to. Now, that isn’t exactly the purpose of today’s show, but we’ll get to that later on. I wanted to spend most of our time together telling you a great story from this past week that I think you’ll enjoy.