Nick Castleberg – Executive Chef at the George Ranch Historical Park
Buck Reams – Owner of Buck Reams Chuckwagon Catering
Fred Olson – Formerly Mac Hudson of “The Hudson & Harrigan Show”

It’s Rodeo time – or almost, anyway. There are at least couple of pretty important lead up events we need to spend time talking about before the Opening Night of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo – like the World Championship BarBQ Contest, which we always called the BarBQ Cookoff, but according the Rodeo Houston website it’s officially called a “contest,” so I stand corrected. Today, The Outdoor Cooking Show offers a tip of the hat to the cattlemen and cowboys who established the highways along which the trail riders of today uphold the traditions of our great state’s history, and we’ll talk about how those pioneers sustained themselves from an epicurean perspective. I can guarantee that you’ll learn some new and interesting facts about food preparation on the trail in the 19th Century, and in the process, you’ll better appreciate the ease and comfort with which we “burn a cow” in the 21st Century.

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