Ryan Braden– Executive Chef at Brenner’s on the Bayou
Phillip Zdunkiwitz and Clayton Weikel – Cypress Boys Cookin’ Team
Mike Wells – Bulldog Mountain Cooking Crew

Happy National Spatula Day, America! No, it’s not really National Spatula Day, but I guess it could be. Actually, I don’t know if there’s even such a thing as National Spatula Day, but if there’s not – there should be! I don’t think the spatula gets enough credit in this world. “In a world where spatulas never get enough credit…” Okay, that’s just silly, but what do you expect from a guy who earned his paycheck by talking to imaginary characters on the radio for 30 years? Today’s edition of The Outdoor Cooking Show will be about one of the great foods from the Great State of Texas. And it’s also going to be about an event that’s designed to spotlight that great food. It’s an event we’re especially proud of here in Houston – The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo World Championship BarBQ Contest. It’s starts up this next week, so we’re going to talk to some of the contestants who compete in what I’ve always called “The BarBQ Cookoff,” and find out some their secrets for creating great Texas BarBQ. Chili might be the official state food of Texas, but BarBQ has got to be the official state cuisine of Texas. Sorry Kansas City – sorry Memphis – you’re good, but you’re not great, because you’re not Texas BarBQ, and we’ve got the World’s Championship BarBQ Contest to prove it, now don’t we?

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