Robin Clute – President of The Lone Star Dutch Oven Society
Nick Castleberg – Executive Chef at The George Ranch Historical Park
Chris Wilson – Culinary Director of Emeril’s Homebase

Would someone please tell Roger Creager that the World’s Championship BBQ Contest is officially over, and that he can leave the NRG parking lot now?  I got to know Roger a little bit when I was Irv Harrigan on the Hudson & Harrigan Show back a few years ago (well, okay – more than just a “few” years ago), and I can tell you this about Roger Creager: Roger doesn’t shy away from a party, so it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he really was still roaming around the grounds out there, looking for some place to plug in his guitar and sing a few tunes…drink a few beers. With all that being said, the BBQ Cookoff (sorry, that’s what I’ve always called it; that’s what I always will call it) – the BBQ Cookoff is over, and Rodeo Houston begins in – what? – about 48 hours, so let’s turn our attention to other food preparation matters.  You know, we touched on the subject of “Unique Techniques” with Ryan Braden the Executive Chef at Brenner’s on the Bayou a couple of weeks ago – that was the same show that featured Trail Riders and chuckwagon cooking – remember?  Ryan talked about the “Enhancements” they offer on all their steaks at Brenner’s on the Bayou, and he also alluded to some other “Unique Techniques” that chefs share with one another at conventions and symposiums, like “Soo Vee.”  So anyway, we thought “Unique Techniques” might make a good topic for an entire show – today’s show, in fact.

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