Fadi Dimassi – Owner of Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill
Zubeyir Dundar – Owner of Istanbul Grill and Deli
Patricia Vasos – Owner and Executive Chef of Anonymous Café

Welcome back to the only show that always serves you well indoors – The Outdoor Cooking Show.  The only question is what will we serve this week?  You know, a lot of nutritionists think the Mediterranean Diet has something to do with the longer lifespans of people who live on the banks of the Mediterranean.  That’s open to debate, but when you stop and think about it – Greek, Italian, Spanish, Lebanese, Turkish and other such styles of food preparation have long been hailed as healthy alternatives to things like red meat or deep-fat fried chicken and fish, so today on the show we’ll feature some expert input on Turkish, Lebanese and of course – Greek food preparation techniques, mixed with some good info on high-quality restaurants that feature those cuisines.

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