Richard Sandoval – World-Class Executive Chef & Internationally Acclaimed Restaurateur
Dan Blanchard – iHeart Radio Executive & backyard chef
Rowdy Yates – For Houston radio personality

If the only thing you’re using your spatula for is to scratch that spot on your back that you can’t reach with your bare hand – it’s time to turn up the radio and check out the latest edition of “The Grill Whisperer.” No, no, no, that would not be me, but we might have an interview with one – you never know. No, I’m the kind of guy who finds a brand new grill on the patio in the backyard and says to his wife, “Gee, look what followed me home from the store – can I keep it?” I believe in that old saying, “You are what you eat,” and if that’s true then I’m fast, cheap and easy. And let’s face facts – there’s nothing faster, cheaper or easier than grilling large chunks of meat in the backyard, so time’s a-wastin’ as Grandpa used to say. Heck, now I’m a grandparent – and I firmly believe in the power of charcoal, so let’s set something on fire and burn it till the juices start to run out of it, Cletus!

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