Justin Turner – Owner of “Bernie’s Burger Bus”
Jerry Jay – Owner of “Kurbside Eatz”
Joel St. John – Owner of “St. John’s Fire”

Is it football season yet? No? Darn it! You know, I kind of feel like if I just keep asking – if I’m just persistent enough – one day I’ll look up and the Texans will be in training camp. Of course, this is one of those be careful what you ask for moments. You know what I mean – be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it? After all, things are not going to work out well if the Texans show up for training camp without at least a solid prospect at quarterback, and it doesn’t look that’s going to happen anytime soon. Now, let’s move on to today’s edition of The Outdoor Cooking Show. Back when my son Derek and our third partner John Shelton and I initially opened our multi media company (Edgewater Studios) where we produce this show (and lots of other projects), we seriously considered doing one of those Better Business Bureau ribbon cutting ceremonies and some kind of grand opening celebrations – and you need food for you guests, so we were going to hire Bernie’s Burger Bus to do that part of the deal for us. Long story short – we got so busy…being busy that we never quite got around doing a grand opening event, but the fact that we were going to hire Bernie’s Burger Bus to provide the food will give you some idea of how highly we regarded them. In fact, it demonstrates what a great reputation Bernie’s Burger Bus has well beyond this gigantic city of ours. For instance, The Daily Meal (a national website) listed Bernie’s Burger Bus as “One of the Best Food Trucks in America,” so when we decided to do a show on “Food Trucks,” Bernie’s was the first one we invited.

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