Marcus Davis – Owner and Executive Chef of “The Breakfast Klub”
Chris Williams – Owner and Executive Chef of “Lucille’s”
Fred Olson – Formerly Mac Hudson of “The Hudson & Harrigan Show”

It’s the last day of the month already, and it seems like the closet thing we’ve had April showers occurred in the bathtub. But springtime means renewal – in so many ways. We talked about that a little bit last week, when I drew the parallel between the renewal of Passover and Easter, but it’s true in Mother Nature too, as the Mayflowers bloom, and the trees foliate, and our sinuses fill up (snort!). Eggs are prominent symbols of the renewal in Passover and Easter, but eggs also play a major role in the renewal of each day – at breakfast. I kind of got out of good habits like exercise and eating right, so I started skipping breakfast – until I started doing early morning radio shows like the Hudson & Harrigan Show. My wife Cindy doesn’t eat breakfast until afternoon. Technically I guess – coffee is her breakfast. She drinks four or five cups each day, but she likes those low-calorie breakfast bars and yogurt, so she doesn’t eat a big breakfast, either. That inspired us to start eating “Breakfast For Dinner.”

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