Mike Albrecht – Owner of Brisket U
Fred Olson – Formerly Mac Hudson of “The Hudson & Harrigan Show”

We need to welcome a new advertiser to The Outdoor Cooking Show – Brisket U! Mike Albrecht and his staff have put together one of the most interesting concepts – a class to teach you how to smoke brisket. Why no one has ever thought of something like this before is a mystery to me, but we’re going to have Mike on the show today, and we’ll get all the inside skinny on the idea. In fact, we’re going to ambush our executive producer Greg Berlocher in the process, and we’ll do one of the things I love to do most on this show – embarrass Greg on the air! See, Greg’s first attempt at smoking a brisket resulted in a slab of meat that had a certain Louis Vuitton quality to it, if you know what I’m sayin’. I mean, all this thing lacked was a handle and zipper, and my wife could have carried her keys and makeup in it. You won’t want to miss that part. We will attempt to define the difference between “low and slow,” and “sear and scorch,” so it’s gonna be fun.

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