Jonathan Lopez – Owner of Lopez Mexican Restaurant
Matt Schreiwer – Co-Founder of Jake’s Atomic Salsa
Rowdy Yates – Former Houston Radio Personality

I don’t care what the calendar says it’s starting to feel a little “extra crispy” out there, isn’t it – and I don’t mean Kentucky Fried Chicken! Actually, the first day of summer is still over a week away, but you coulda fooled me! No, I’m not going to repeat my mistake from a few weeks ago and start pontificating about climate change, but you have to admit summer in Houston really is “global warming.” No, today we’re gonna discuss how to make your own homemade salsa, and we’ll get some handy tips and tricks from people who have invested a lot of time and effort into developing truly one-of-a-kind salsas – for themselves – or in the case of professionals like restaurateurs – for their customers.

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