Greg Berlocher – Executive Producer of The Outdoor Cooking Show
John Shelton – Chief Studio Engineer and CFO at Edgewater Studios
Derek Hames – Executive Record Producer and COO at Edgewater Studios

The Dog Days have officially arrived, haven’t they? Whew! I can just look out the window and break into a sweat. You know why the call this time of year The Dog Days, don’t ya’? Because even your dog doesn’t want to go outside to do his “business.” The dead of summer – when pigs who sunbathe quickly turn into bacon. We’re also just about far enough into the season for parents to start realizing exactly how grossly underpaid school teachers really are. Just remember – chasing down the ice cream truck does not count as a summer fitness program – so if you don’t usually work out on a regular basis, do the rest of society a favor and cover up those things, will ya?

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