Dave Fremont – PR Director at Boyd’s One Stop
Greg Berlocher – Executive Producer of The Outdoor Cooking Show
Fred Olson – Formerly Mac Hudson of “The Hudson & Harrigan Show”

Oh no, not him again! Yes, it’s me – the moderately moderate moderate (and moderately proud of it), and former fill in talk show host on the Sam Malone Show. I think the “moderately moderate” part was my undoing, but it might have been my suggestion that Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi should switch hairdos. They haven’t asked me back since, but I think I’ve broken the code! I’ll just start my own show – and this is it. The Outdoor Cooking Show, where we routinely set fire to politics and pork chops, but not necessarily in that order. Most Houstonians have heard my voice on the radio, but some of you have not heard me use my real name on the radio. For 30 years, I was Irv Harrigan on the Hudson & Harrigan Show on another radio station here in Houston, but I am no longer Irv Harrigan – I am now Randy Hames. Well, of course, I’ve always been Randy Hames, and a lot of you have already heard me as the fill-in host on the Sam Malone Show, so putting The Outdoor Cooking Show on this station was a natural fit for us – after all, we’re established members of the family. To make sure you understand, The Outdoor Cooking Show has been on the air for exactly one year – again, on another Houston radio station, but given my background with Sam and the rest of the morning crew, it just seemed like this was the best place to be. Plus, we’re very happy to have The Outdoor Cooking Show in a much better time slot. For the last year, we’ve been on at 5pm on Sundays, and most of our listeners had decided what they were going to cook outdoors – or they might have even actually already cooked it by 5 o’clock on Sunday, so being able to talk about what to cook earlier on Saturday just seemed to make more sense. All in all, we are absolutely delighted to be here – as part of this wonderful radio family – and at this optimal time.

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