Ron Brandani – Owner and Executive Chef at Brandani’s Restaurant and Wine Bar
Jerrod Poffenberger – Owner of Bellville Meat Market
Fred Olson – Formerly Mac Hudson of “The Hudson & Harrigan Show”

I feel like we should have changed this week’s theme music from “Hey Good Lookin’” by Jimmy Buffett to something that’s a little more appropriate like, “Two Sparrows In A Hurricane” by Tanya Tucker. Because that’s how a lot of us felt about this time last weekend, wasn’t it – “Like two sparrows in a hurricane, trying to find their way, with a head full of dreams and faith that can move anything.” And we’ll need some extra doses of that faith in the coming days, because it’s going to weeks – months – maybe even years to get back to normal. This great city will survive and thrive, thanks to the efforts of some of the guests we’ll have on The Outdoor Cooking Show today – and thanks to a “faith that can move anything.”

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