Jay Peek – Executive Chef at Gordon Street Tavern
Rick Kelsay – Executive Chef at City Acre Brewing
Ryan Savoie – Executive Chef at St. Arnold Brewing Company

I was looking at a calendar trying to brainstorm some ideas for The Outdoor Cooking Show, and I couldn’t help but notice today starts the three-day observance of “Beer Days.” But no matter how big a deal “Beer Days” might be – when I was brainstorming show ideas, I just didn’t think beer was quite worthy of an entire episode of The Outdoor Cooking Show. But that’s when I noticed what Monday is: National Cheeseburger Day! That’s another big deal to American’s – cheeseburgers. So, my disc jockey brain had a storm – an almost unheard of event…a disc jockey with a brain? “Beer Days” and “National Cheeseburger Day” on Monday – why not combine the two and do the topic “Burgers and Beer” for The Outdoor Cooking Show?

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