Liam Hames – Randy’s 6-year-old grandson
Derek Hames – Randy’s son and COO of Edgewater Studios
Fred Olson – Randy’s “brother-from-another-mother” and former H&H partner

It’s time for another episode of the show that makes Thanksgiving Weekend a happy time for everybody – well, everybody but the turkey, I suppose. I can’t help but wonder if Foghorn Leghorn considers Thanksgiving to be cannibalistic. Okay, that might have been a little too graphic, but it beat a “Where’s The Beef?” joke, right? Oh, you gotta be a geezer to know that one. Somewhere Clara Peller is smiling. If you’re in the dark on that one, just Google “Clara Peller” and “Wendy’s.” Clara Peller was in her 80s when she delivered that line, “Where’s the beef?” in a TV commercial for Wendy’s – way back in 1984, but it became a catch phrase in America, and it made her famous. Wendy’s is good, but we prefer a cold-smoked burger from Brandani’s, or better yet, home-grilled “Pop Burgers” in our family – and at Thanksgiving, family is the operative word. So, on today’s edition of The Outdoor Cooking Show I’m going to introduce you to three other members of my immediate family – my son, my grandson and my brother-by-another-mother Fred Olson, the guy who worked with me on The Hudson & Harrigan Show for almost 30 years.

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