Barbra Bronstein – Founder of Second Servings
Kip Johnson – First Methodist Church of Sugar Land
Fred Olson – Formerly Mac Hudson of “The Hudson & Harrigan Show”

Is anybody dreaming of a White Christmas? Where’s old Buh-Buh-Bing Crosby when you need him, eh? I never met Bing Crosby, but I did interview Bob Hope one time – and that was during one of only true-to-life White Christmas events I’ve ever seen. Well, it was in Korea while I was in the Army, and that was when Bob Hope brought his GI Christmas Tour to Asia. It also reminded of that other true-to-life White Christmas I’ve witnessed with my own eyes, and that one took place right here in Houston. Remember that? It was 2004, and back then I worked with the homeless at a downtown soup kitchen called Loaves & Fishes. I can remember coming out of the Christmas Eve church service and thinking to myself, “I wonder what my homeless friends feel about of this?” Of course, we all thought the snow was wonderful and fun, but when you live on the streets – there ain’t nothin’ wonderful or fun about a snow storm!

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