Greg Berlocher – Executive Producer of The Outdoor Cooking Show
Dominic Mandola – Owner of The Ragin’ Cajun

Yanni or Laurel? Yanni or Laurel? Did you hear about this? Somebody posted an audio clip from where a narrator pronounced the word “laurel,” like a wreath that would be awarded to the winner of race or something like that. Lots of people heard “laurel,” but lots of others heard “yanni,” so naturally, an online controversy erupted, and the whole thing went viral. But I think we should be focusing on much more important issues than Yanni or Laurel. How about something really important like Cajun or Creole? Hey, this is The Outdoor Cooking Show, and today’s the day! So if you’re looking for something “cool” to do, may we suggest the Boyd’s One Stop Craw Fest at the base of The Texas City Dyke?

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