Javier Castillo – Professional Fishing Guide
Mickey Eastman – Professional Fishing Guide

Since I do love it so much we thought we’d dedicate an entire episode of The Outdoor Cooking Show today to seafood. I was never much of a fisherman, though I did dabble in it for a few years right after I married that Cooney cutie from Louisiana. Cindy’s mom and dad owned a fishing camp on the Louisiana side of Lake Toledo Bend for years, and we’d take the kids and go spend vacations there. My brother-in-law was an avid fisherman, but his idea of fishing was yo-yos and trotlines. He and I would run those trotlines at midnight and come up with some the biggest, fattest catfish you ever saw in your life, and then my father-in-law would clean them in a sink he’d stuffed down between two tree trunks, with a water hose jammed in the drain. It was so redneck, but I “guarantee” that catfish fry was the best!

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