Jerrod Poffenberger – Owner of Bellville Meat Market
Molly Pferd – Owner of Good Dog Houston
Fred Olson – Formerly Mac Hudson of “The Hudson & Harrigan Show”

I’m gonna keep sayin’ it until it doesn’t work anymore: “Enjoy this cool weather while we’ve got it, because it won’t be long…” I’m going to try to remind myself of these milder temperatures when I’m standing over the grill in August, and the air temperature is almost as hot as the fire itself. And there’s another hot issue that’s affecting people like us – people who like to be outdoors, and that’s the feral hog problem in Texas. So, I thought we’d talk about that a little bit today on The Outdoor Cooking Show, because we’ve heard these hogs make pretty good meat, and a lot of hunters are having their wild hogs processed into sausage. There’s nobody better to tell us all about that than Jerrod Poffenberger of Bellville Meat Market. Plus, Jerrod and his brother Marcus were big-time baseball players at Bellville High School back in the days when Bellville was playing for state championships, and that also plays right into today’s topic on The Outdoor Cooking Show – hot dogs! What could possibly be a more appropriate subject during baseball season than hot dogs?

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