Chris Goodlander – Owner of Lone Star Grillz
Dave Fremont – Of Boyd’s One Stop
1st Lt. Taylor Rammrath – Winner of the Boyd’s One Stop Crawfish Giveaway

But this week on The Outdoor Cooking Show we’re going to go in a completely different direction – to the sea, or under the sea as the song goes from The Little Mermaid. Let’s see, that was Sebastian, right? The lobster character from The Little Mermaid – Sebastian. Well, today on The Outdoor Cooking Show we’re gonna be talking about the lobster’s little brother – the crawfish. And yes, they really are related – and no, they are not crayfish. If you call a crawfish a crayfish, you might as well just go ahead and start driving straight back up north where you came from, because we don’t cotton to no “crayfish” down here, boy! Crawfish and lobsters are both crustaceans, and they are related – taxonomically speaking (and I’ll admit I’m surprised that I can say that – taxonomically, I mean).

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