Marcus Davis – Owner of The Breakfast Klub
Ron Brandani – Owner of Brandani’s Restaurant & Wine Bar
Fred Olson – Formerly Mac Hudson of “The Hudson & Harrigan Show”

Let’s see – what’s been goin’ on? There’s an NBA Battle Royale and a royal wedding. Yeah, that pretty much sums up, doesn’t it? That’s what’s happened since we last got together here on The Outdoor Cooking Show, am I right? But I couldn’t help but imagine what they ate at the reception, and that’s my cue to get back “on task” for The Outdoor Cooking Show. You know we spend a lot of time talking about beef – burgers and steaks, and pork – sausage and bacon, and last weekend we were all about the crawfish and Cajun cooking, but sometimes we overlook one of the staples in our meat diet – chicken, because it is the original white meat, after all.

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